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Be The Hero Of Your Life Story

‘Go from The Land of Make Believe to

The Land of Make and Believe’

Creating the Life you Desire and Deserve faster, more efficiently, enjoyable and personally fulfilling way.

Succeed at the steps needed so you can Achieve

Theatrics of Success

DiNardi offers a variety of Business and Personal Development Strategies through a program he calls The Theatrics of Success. Combining his 25 yrs business experience and 25yr New York Theater experience he guides you from the Land of Make Believe to the Land of Make and Believe in developing your Character of Success. 

Does this sound a bit over promising, too hard to believe, too good to be true… The truth is, that with the right shift in perception, the right information and the right guidance; the life you desire isn’t too far from possible.

The Theatrics of Success is a Methodology that guides you to building the Character Traits, Attributes, Qualities of a Successful Minded person so you can See and Take the steps while Succeeding in order to Achieve your Goals, Dreams and Ambitions.

Using the Theatrical Archetypes: The ACTOR, The DIRECTOR, The Writer, The PRODUCER to identify and organize what’s needed to Succeed.

A Unique Success System Designed to Accelerate Success. After years of development and based on 20+ years in Business Development and New York Theater and Personal Coaching.

Defining and Structuring The Character traits needed to Succeed.

Write with Passion – Direct with S.M.A.R.T Goals & Efficiency
Act with Authenticity – Produce with Gratitude 

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 Verbal Marketing

The Language of Attraction

Discover Value Communication


Working Out the Perfect Pitch!

The Start-Up and New Entreprenuer Have To Book and The perfect companion to Win Pitches, Raise Funding, Gain Market Interest…


* Includes tips on Entrepreneurship and Success Strategies

But don’t just take our word for it!

Entrepreneurship is not easy, it’s hard. There has been no roadmap for start-ups and new business. Until now. Dean DiNardi’s “Pitchersize” plots the waypoints and identifies the landmines for its reader’s journey.”

– Paul Lancia, CEO of Lancia Inc. – Capital Investment and Development

“Representing your idea, product, service and company can be challenging especially communicating the best side it. Yet, it ought to be in the top three important aspects of your business. Pitchersize offered the perfect set of tools to develop the perfect pitch to represent our idea and company.”

Lina Toivonen: Founder, CTO – The Company

Verbal Marketing – The Language of Attraction

DiNardi has used his years of experience to help many overcome stage fright and attract customers, funding, build brands… illuminate the value of their product, service and company; by extracting it true value and best representing it. All you need is the ability to present with Pizzaz, Presence and Professionalism while gaining the insight of what it really takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur.