Your perception is what drives you ability to succeed or not. It influences the questions you ask and the answers you get that you buy into… How do you see things…?

The Power Of Perception is extremely important to understand with regard to how and why you attract and come to experience the day to day life experiences in each area of life. It’s important that is, if you have a “sincere desire” to begin consciously and consistently creating more desirable outcomes than you have.

How you perceive a situation, regardless of what that situation may consist of or which area of life it is, has a direct impact on the future results that you will inevitably experience as a result of that perception, or more specifically the emotions that are experienced as result of the perceptions that you hold.

First, to ensure that we’re on the same page with regard to what a perception is, let’s take a look at the precise meaning of perception as defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

It defines perception as…..

Perception : act of perceiving, 1 a : a result of perceiving : OBSERVATION b : a mental image : CONCEPT 2 a obsolete : CONSCIOUSNESS 3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience 4 a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : APPRECIATION b : a capacity for comprehension.

Based on the above definition we can conclude that a perception, more importantly YOUR perception of something is an observation, interpretation, or a mental image that you hold with regard to some event, condition, or circumstance. In other words it is how you SEE things in the world around you that molds, shapes and determines your individual relationships to things, people – the world around us/you.

So, with that said… if you

Focus on what you want.
Instruct your subconscious mind to create the things you want in life.
Look for opportunities.
Change the way you see things… you’ll change your life.

You can attract positive situations into your life.
You can achieve your goals.
You can enjoy success, happiness and more.
Focus on the good things that you have in life and you’ll attract more positive situations.
Believe that you can have what you want and you will.

Seeing isn’t believing – believing is seeing. Your perception creates and defines the relationships you had, have and will have in your life. And if you want a progressively positive and more fruitful life, things in your life and people in your life you must meet Perceptions cousin Positive. Positive is another way of seeing possibilities. You can see just as many possibilities of bad things as you can positive things. Being open to possibilities doesn’t mean or garantee they are ‘positive’. However, if you want them to be on the better, liter, fulfilling side – then create a Preception of Positivity and think of Posibilities.