Hidden Treasure of the Pitch

The Elevator Pitch has gotten a new face a recognition through the Start-up evolution as The Pitch. The Pitch is front and center in all Start-up eco-systems: events, incubators, funding seeking ….
The Pitch had all the exposure it needs, however I don’t see that it has the reapect it deserves. The Pitch offers so many opportunities and yet isn’t taken serious enough for all it offers. 

The Pitch helps retain funding, market research, sales, team building, branding…. Yet, so many hate doing it, don’t want to do it, fluff the experience by not putting the effort into it or short cutting it with just the necessities.

The Pitch is a short form business plan and can help you to focus on the importances of your business, product or service. It helps to deliver a concise, direct and clear bit of information about the What, How and Why of your Company, Product or Service. This is important – why ?

The more precise and concise you ate the more clear you can be and people need to know clearly what you have. You don’t want too many questions. You want people to understand and be inspired to buy.

Learn to prsent your Pitch with Pizzazz, Professionalism and Presence. Pizzazz -you  must be enthusiastic about it, it you want to gain interest – be interested. Professionalism – know your stuff, prepare and kniw your audience. Presence – understanding body and verbal language (yours and theirs) to engage and direct audience or client.

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