Don’t Believe All The Hype…

Don’t Believe All The Hype … All this posting about success strategies, methods, online develpment, social media frinzy … you name it. How do you know what is real, what works and what is bullstinky?

First you must realize that a system, method, funnel… alone won’t make you money, rich, wealthy, happy, fulfill your dreams… It’s what’s behind it that will: Your Mind-set (what your Mind is Set on). Your mindset is based on a set of beliefs and those are what formulate your thoughts, reasons for doing, not doing and the questions you ask. That determine the ‘what and how’ you do.

If you don’t have the MindSet to get through tough times, challenging monents, the days, weeks, months that your system, funnel … isn’t bringing you money yet – will you give up, find a new way, find a new system? What questions will you ask, how will you know your asking the right questions? Do you have a Solution or Problem based mindset? How do you know?

There are several things you must to if you want to succeed. First, let me express that I don’t believe we all want Success in the end. I see it a different way. I see Success as the thing you want to do in order to Achieve your dreams, goals, aspirations…. I believe we all want to ACHIEVE certain things, sertain amount of wealth, social status, family structure, being a type of parent… and that it is the steps we need to take that we want to succeed at in order to raise the chances of our achieving what we want.

So, if you want to Achive certain things and know what the steps are and path to be successful at along the way – you need a mentor, guide, Condition of Life to subscribe to…. you need influences that will give you the things that you need to be successful at in order to Achieve you desires.

The first system you need to buy into is your Belief Ssystem.