Attitude Adjustment

First let’s look at what Attitude is: a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving that is caused by this. This definition by Cambridge Dictionary, is the best definition I found that simply says what Attitude is. Now what does this mean? Attitude is so much more and can not be limited or reduced to a definition.

Attitude is responsible for what gives you and what you give bak to life. Sounds like a lot? Well in conjunction with your Beliefs or Mind-set (what your Mind is set on), it determines the way you think, see (relate to), re-act to or from, question and act out to everything in your life. Ultimately, you will have a different attitude toward the various and different things, issues, relationship in your life. It also is how you feel and act out toward money, achievement, goals, security and taking chances. The levels in which your comfortable to adventurous.

So, in short – your attitude is responsible for your Success and Achievement in life. Your attitude toward something can be seen by others even when you think it’s not visible. Your attitude shows up in your words and posture and other physical signs just as much as in your thoughts and emotions.

Your attitude defines and delimits your level of success. If you have a generally lousy attitude, you’ll never really be successful. If you have a generally upbeat attitude, however, you’ll always achieve at least some level of success.

Your attitude determines how you interpret what events mean. Take obstacles, for example. Everyone who pursues any goal will inevitably run into obstacles. Your attitude determines what those obstacles mean and therefore how well you deal with them.

If you have a lousy attitude, you’ll see obstacles as threats and annoyances. Even if you overcome them, you’ll find the process frustrating, which will make future obstacles harder to cope with. Which in turn by feeling the obstacles are harder you will most likely look to avoid them and then in turn avoid the challenge or journey to completing your goal in the first place.

If you’ve got a positive attitude, you’ll see obstacles as interesting or even fun. Even if you fail to overcome them, you’ll find the process invigorating, which will make future obstacles easier to overcome.

I ran into a perfect example of this the other day as I was trying to find a parking space in a covered car lot. Suddenly, another car zipped around a blind corner and we would have crashed if we both hadn’t quickly braked.

My first thought was: “Wow, I’m sure glad that we (meaning me and the other driver) have fast reflexes!” I’m not exactly sure what the other driver thought, but she gave me the single-finger salute accompanied by an expletive.

Now, it’s never pleasant to be the target of that kind of animosity, but my next thought was to feel sorry for her. She was in a small car with four kids and clearly having a horrible day. (I felt sorry for the kids, too.)

Clearly still furious, she drove off even faster than she’d been driving before. I, however, slowed down because I took the almost-accident as a warning that I needed to pay more attention to my driving.

Now – I could have very well had the same attitude the woman in the other car had and we both would have not gotten the spot, possibly got into another accident or simply ruined the rest of our day.

Business is similar to this. Thing happens. Your attitude can determine how you interpret and experience events and therefore the strategies and tactics you’ll follow up with.

This doesn’t prevent people with lousy attitudes from not winning sometimes. They do, but it’s always accompanied with massive hassle and complaint. When they finally win, they feel exhausted.

Just the same, having an upbeat attitude doesn’t bulletproof you against failure. You’ll fail sometimes, but your attitude makes it easy to learn from your mistakes. And when you do win, you feel exhilarated. In addition, a positive or optimistic attitude will always help you to see beyond the limits of the event itself and find more resolutions, answers, options…

Some people believe that their lousy attitude is part of who they are. Not true. Your attitude can be changed and is associated with others things (beliefs, mind-set…) that can be changed also. It used to be the school of thought that Mind-set was locked to your genes somehow. But it’s not. You have either a Fixed Mind-set or Growth Mind-set. And they feed your attitude. Fixed mindsets more commonly are the ones that foster lousy attitudes and Growth mindsets foster positive and optimistic attitudes.

Regardless of what you do for a living, your real job — the foundation of what you will or won’t accomplish — is fueled by your attitude. The more upbeat you are, the more likely you are to be successful at whatever you do.