cropped-9363ac96-f145-45ec-ae09-326b0393a995.jpgI started my experience as a theatrical performer. And eventually excelling in others areas: Directing, Writing and Producing. I spent about 20 years all together in the industry. During some of the time I was also in traditional business. Where I mainly focused on sales, marketing and presentations (selling from the stage).

I began my Entrepreneur experience at an early age – at 8 years I had my first company and was a professional magician clown (true – so, true… and I did quite well), then had various other ventures through the years: real estate, yoga studio, personal life coaching … to name a few. I had also been a part of structuring an 80-million-dollar corporation with 6 companies. Primarily through sales and marketing and team building and management.

I gradually grew board with the traditional business structure and started working with various SEM’s and Start-up’s: Developing Presentations, Sales techniques and communications, for international development strategies. Through which I developed a system called Verbal Marketing – that promoted less selling and more sales, in addition to helping start-up’s with Pitch development (for which I wrote my first book – Pitchersize, Working out the perfect pitch) and general presentation skill developing.

Through my stage presentation skills, character development knowledge and Selling from the Stage (audience relation skills), I put together a program that combined my business experience and Theatrical skills to Train people in what I call Verbal Marketing. Honing and developing the communication skills, perspective and mindset to take the work out selling and make presenting and representing more effective.

Focusing on the three most important aspects: knowing the WHAT, WHY AND HOW of a company, product and service – then apply this to a technique enables you to attract an audience or persons interest, keeping their interest and closing sales, obtaining funding, gaining interest. 

In my book, Pitchersize – Working out the perfect Pitch and although written with Start-up’s in mind, it has valuable and basic information for any level professional or beginning presenter or sales personnel or entrepreneur. It focuses on presentation skills and the mindset behind success as an entrepreneur. 

In addition, I developed a unique Program and system using the Theatrical Archetypes for people to gain control over the direction of their life and set goals which they are capable of achieving and creating success in their lives, fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. The system I developed for Business and Personal Development that help design the Mindset with Efficient tools to enjoy any aspect of Success you wish. Keeping with the Uniqueness is Key element – the system I designed uses the Theatrical Archetypes: the Writer – with passion, the Actor – with authenticity, the Director – with S.M.A.R.T. Goals and the Producer – with Gratitude: to move from the Land of Make Believe to the Land of Make and Believe.

– Dean A. DiNardi

The Book: Pitchersize – Working Out The Perfect Pitch and Entrepreneur Success