Theatrics of Success

Move From The Land Of Make-Believe To The Land Of Make And Believe


The Write – writes with Passion, The Actor – acts with Authenticity, the Director – directs with S.M.A.R.T Goals and the Producer – produces with Gratitude

I have created a system to help develop the Character of Success. Revealing the key elements that drive, motivate, help you thing and take action to success.

Your Mind-set is #1 a.k.a what your Mind is Set on.

Your Beliefs or Mind-set is the determining factor to your success or ability to achieve success in your life; whether in relationships, business, personal endeavors, education and so forth. Your mind is like an architecture drawing and has the plans designed to construct a particular structure (life).

Do you believe you can do anything? Do you believe you are privileged to have as much money as you want? Do you believe you deserve the love you want? ….these and other similar questions are the key to knowing whether you have the right mindset to have those things or not.

After being in the theatrical business for many years – as an actor I studied Character development and as a writer I studied story. I developed an interest in Mythology and study it along with Story as an human race evolutionary dynamic. Through this I created a system using the Theatrical Archetypes which helps you to create your ultimate character – releasing your character of your true potential. This allows you to take control over your destiny and lie it others hands or the universe. Gaining the tools and understanding to develop the life you want by creating the character with the mindset to success and achieve in your life. Money, relationships, business, education, raising children…. anything – the way you have always wanted.