Verbal Marketing

Communication on Rocket Fuel


Communication is the 2nd most important attribute to being successful.
With the right tools, communication handled skillfully can be used to:
  • increase sales (more sales, less selling)
  • branding, exposure and receptivity
  • acquire funding
  • win negotiations
  • build relationships, report and build teams for winning
Find out how to best represent your product, service and company through Value and Communication
Verbal Marketing is a tool to last a lifetime that will deliver the highest value in return for less effort.
Marketing is a relationship building art. It builds relationships with your senses. Marketing is designed to attract you to it. Have a relationship with your senses. Verbal Marketing does that with verbal language instead of written words and images. By expressing the best angels of value for your product or service have to offer in order to attract customers instead of trying t sell to them.
This tool is the basis of my approach for Pitch development.
Value for Value: expression of value gets value in return. Win-Win.


I wrote a book especially for Pitching with a little on the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Success.


With over twenty years combined experience in business and theatrical arts, Dean has designed a way to Structure and Deliver Presentations with Stage Presence, Pizzazz and Professionalism. Sales become more effortless and more customer direct interest involved.



Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.

~ Paul J. Meyer


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